Top 4 Metal Polishes

1.Meguiar’s Metal Finishing Polish

This is a brilliant product at $10.37 to give your car a boost in the shine department. Meguiars Metal finishing polish is made to remove any flaws in metal and give it a mirror-like finish. This metal polish contains small abrasives to remove carbon deposits and rust. From experience, a little bit is enough to give great results.

One of the most popular products on the market right now, we love that it’s safe to use on aluminum, chrome copper, nickel, stainless steel and brass. This is a good product for polishing exhaust tips, wheels and even jewellery and watches,

2.Nevr Dull magic wadding Polish

Another favourite of ours right now is the magic wadding polish from Nevr Dull. This has been around for a long time and suited for use on dirty metals. In comes in a tin of fibrous material. You can use it by removing a small wad to polish metal surfaces.

This gives a very nice shine and isn’t made with any abrasives, so it works best on undamaged metals (without scratches).  Highly recommended, as it is a great product at an affordable price of $8.95.

3. Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish 

Coming in third is Mothers mag and aluminium polish. This works flawlessly with most metals to give an attractive lustre. More recently, we’ve tried it on polishing the new stainless steel apple watch and it does the job in giving it a nice shine. This is a great product that seems to work better on softer metals such as aluminium and steel. However, we would recommend you to be careful with applying it on gadgets coated with only a thin layer of metal. This could eat away the metal to expose what’s underneath. Overall, a great product for all sorts of polishing.

4. BlueMagic Metal Polish Cream

Last of all is a non-abrasive polish cream from BlueMagic. This is a product good for surfaces made of brass, copper, sterling silver, aluminum, stainless steel and gold. While testing this one, it did a fairly good job of removing oxidation and tarnish.

This has a cream consistency and takes a bit more elbow grease to produce a high quality shine. However, the final result is an impressive, glossy shine. It’s a very versatile product and can even be used on glass. At around $6 this is a great product to keep on the shelf.

Top 3 FM Transmitters for your car

1.Universal Car Wireless FM Radio Transmitter

This is a radio transmitter that makes use of the wireless transmission system. It is used in the car LCD screen MP3 player. In the manufacturing process, it is properly tested for several times before being released to the market. It sells well on the market due to its high quality build materials and reliability.

This is the best FM radio transmitter because it has been thoroughly tested by the manufacturers before being released. You will be assured of getting a quality product which will last for a very long time. Besides, the manufacturers of this product will give a warrant. This implies that you will not experience premature damages.

Product Specification

It can support a memory of between 512MB and 8GB. The files that are supported include MP3/WMA, Jack connector, USB slot, Memory card slot and LCD screen.

I recommend this product because I bought it recently for my car and I’m absolutely in love with it. It allows me to play music wirelessly and had good voice detection technology for me to use handsfree while driving.

2.Wireless Car LCD MP3 Player FM Transmitter Modulator USB SD Card Slot + Remote

This is a wireless LCD player for a car that makes use of a remote. You can use the remote to switch on and off as well as control other features such as music. It has a memory slot where a memory card with MP3 songs is inserted.

This is a product that will allow the user to easily control the entertainment while driving. It is the best because you just make use of the remote and enjoy the music.

Product Specification

It has high speed USB port, a 3.5mm jacket audio which can be easily accessed by AUX input equipment, its DC voltage range is 12V-24V, and the working current is 60-70mA. This makes it versatile and easy to use.

Most of the users of this product have been encouraging others to buy because they find it more comfortable compared to other Transmitters.

This product is very comfortable to use in comparison to other transmitters and comes at a fair price. This is definitely a sturdy and affordable product all in one.

3.Bluetooth Wireless Car MP3 Player FM Radio Transmitter USB SD Card Kit + Remote

This is a transmitter that makes use of a Bluetooth wireless system. It is also tested properly to ensure that is not damaged when packed. It is also selling in the market since people can freely exchange the songs via Bluetooth.

This is a strong product that has been tested and also a warrant is given. This means that you will buy a durable product. Besides, the exchanging of the MP3 songs is via Bluetooth which is very easy.

Product Specification

It has a Bluetooth V2.0 class, the transmission range is 10m-15m, and it is compatible with all Bluetooth cell phone and all MP3 players. Besides, it supports USB flash drive.

I bought this as a gift to a friend and he says that it is so simple and easy to use. A product I would definitely recommend for people who spend a lot of time travelling in their car.