About Us


We won’t lecture you on how difficult negotiating roundabouts are or how you’ll have to read a bible-sized guide to figure out how to reverse park. We won’t spend 5 lessons in a stationary car, talking about safe driving before letting you turn the car on. We won’t tell you you’ll need 20 lessons before you can pass your test when you’re clearly ready. What we will do, is treat every student as an individual and take notes of their strengths and weaknesses in order to allow the student to develop a lifelong habit of safe driving within them. We’ve worked really hard for the last decade to perfect a system of learning to make sure this happens. We’ve tested it for over 6 years and trust us, it works!

Established in 2012, Oomphdriver Driving school has always been dedicated to tailoring lessons to the individual needs of each student rather than making the student fit the mould. Since then, we have grown and developed our lessons around Student-Centred Learning (SCL), helping thousands of students pass their tests and most importantly, gain the skills and confidence for a life-time of safe driving. Being a mobile business that comes to you, we have expanded to most regions in Sydney and are continually broadening our horizons to offer our unique teaching methods all over NSW.d in